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Inter House Competitions

Co curricular Activities And Extra Curricular Activities

“Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them.” Sir Ken Robinson

We at HPS,R are committed to providing ample opportunities to our students for their fullest possible personality development. The co curricular& extracurricular programme at school provides aesthetic development, character enrichment, spiritual and physical growth to each child. Freedom of expression, fluency, co-ordination, communication, adjustment, competency and creativity are some of the skills that empowers our students.

A wide range of co curricular& extracurricular activities are organized for all students. These activities are also woven into the curriculum in the form of Do and learn projects.

Inter House Competitions

Our students are extensively prepared for activities like Elocution, Debates, Extempore, Poetry, Recitation, Quiz, Spell-vocabulary, Drawing, Drama, Dance and Music competitions. Students take part in Inter-House and Inter-school competitions organized at school, city, district, state and national levels, and bring laurels to the school. These are indeed talent tapping events & give students respite from Academics.

Debates War of Words

Barack Obama once quoted that when the students participate in debates, they learn to study issues in depth and form perspectives. Debates in three languages are organized both in UPW and SSW to enhance the students skill of public speaking and encourage them to express their opinions.

QUIZ Widening Horizons

The Quiz is an eagerly awaited event when the General knowledge, logical skills and analytical skills of the students are put to test.

Music & Dance

Music & Dance are the fabric of our society. It helps to shape abilities and character and builds imagination and intellectual curiosity.

“Music is more potent instrument than any other for education,” said Plato. Students are introduced to music&dance at an early age. Regular classes of Indian classical music and western music are organized for the benefit of our students. Students learn to play Veena, Tabla, etc. Students are taught Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi and folkdance right from the Primary classes. Keeping the taste of students in mind,we haveintroduced western music which now boasts of a school band and a choir where students merrily beat the drums & play the chords of the guitar.

Spell Vocab Buzzing BEE

Spellings and vocabulary are the building blocks of language .To improve this skill in a fun way, we have the spell vocab.

Extempore Just a minute

Being able to talk about any given topic on the spot is a great talent , which we try to hone through this competition.

Fancy Dress Competitions The Avatars

A sought after event at the primary level with maximum participation, the students get a chance to showcase themselves as historical characters and people from all walks of life. They also use this platform to convey message on various social issues on environment, Girl child, Health balanced diet.

Extempore Just a minute - Clay/ Greeting Card Making Festival Fervour

This event is carried out at the primary level . The students using their imagination mould the clay into lovely Ganeshas, fruits , birds , animals which inturn improves their motor skills. Theme based greetings cards are a hit with the students.

Rangoli Riot of colours

The young students at the primary level express their art through traditional and modern free hand designs on the floor which they then colour using all the colours of the rainbow.

Painting Silent Poetry

Using the canvas, the students express their imagination to create works of art . This helps to unleash their creativity and skill.