“Be Vigilant” The significance of being mentally alert and physically ready is paramount in facing the obstacles as put forth by life. The students are encouraged to be alert and be vigilant at all times.

The Eagle, Shaheen – The superior nature of the eagle is in taking the highway in the face of any conflict. This richness in behaviour, endowed with sharpness of vision and the need for adaptability to escape extinction are the pre-requisites for human survival.These qualities of the eagle are imparted to the students by exhorting them to imbibe its innate ability to soar to great heights.

The school flag consists of shades of dark and light blue background with an Eagle in the centre.

The school song, “God Bless The School and all who herein dwell” is the favourite melody of the students which they sing with a lot of pride . Written and composed by Mr. Arnold Brown,almost a century ago, it evokes a feeling of nostalgia among the alumni.

“JYOTHSNA” – Acknowledging the need for a platform to show case the literary talents of the students and the teachers alike, the annual magazine is the right place to unleash the creativity of the young minds. It has caught the attention and awe of the readers with verse, prose and critical writing. Summarizing the wide range of activities and achievements of a particular academic year, it has captured the hues and fragrances of campus life in its own unique way.

“QUEST” – A need to belong and communicate has made us build in-roads and bridges between students, teachers and parents through the school newsletter. It reports the events and happenings in the school with a sense of pride and belongingness.


Hyderabad, takes great pride in the dynasties that shaped it .Students in the school are grouped into four colour coded houses named after dynasties that once ruled over Andhra Pradesh. They are





Students strive to live up to the expectations of these houses by participating in Inter House events &Competitions , held throughout the year and trying to win trophies & awards for their respective Houses.