TIME PERIOD – 29th April to 31st May (5 Weeks)
No of Students – 2
Name of the Students – Rashi Sharma-12C
Vibhi Chaturvedi 12C

The winners of HPSR YoungPreneurs 2023 have been offered Internship of 5 weeks at CuraVida Health by the Alumni, Mr Jay Reddy. Curavida Health, an early-stage healthcare tech start-up committed to revolutionizing home healthcare through innovative solutions.
Students were allotted different department. Rashi Sharma worked in PR and Marketing team and Vibhi worked om Researching market trends, analysing data, preparing reports and providing insights on health care industry. The teams’ size was 5. They reported to Ms Ruhi Bhatia (Director of Curavida Health) or Ms Ketki Kulkarni (Operational Head). The key takeaways as suggested by the Interns:

Rashi Sharma – The internship has opened a new vertical of learning for us. We learn all the fundamentals of the corporate world. It’s not just researching, marketing we also get to practice professionalism in a very subtle way.

Vibhi Chaturvedi-Personally, this internship has been incredibly enriching. I’ve gained valuable insights into the home health care industry and developed a deep appreciation for its intricacies. Through this experience I have been able to improve my ability to conduct thorough & meaningful research, while my confidence in presenting findings and collaborating with a team has grown. Managing deadlines has also enhanced my time management skills, preparing me well for future professional challenges

Shining Stars of The Hyderabad Public School , Ramanthapur: Triumph at the
CCMB (LaCONES) Wildlife Week Celebrations – 2023

Marking the Wildlife Week in early October, the Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES)-CCMB curated an Inter-School drawing and skit competition on the 6th of October, 2023. We are filled with immense pride and joy to share that our prodigious students not only represented our school but also secured top honors at this prestigious event.
In a testament to their unparalleled artistic skills, K Sahara Reddy of class 8C clinched the 1st prize, closely followed by M. Sumedha Bhanu of class 9C, who was awarded the 2nd prize in the drawing competition. Md. Hassan Mohiuddin of class 5B bagged the second prize and a cash award of Rs 500/- in the drawing competition.
The achievements of our talented students serve as a shining example of the excellence and holistic development we foster at HPSR . We extend our hearty congratulations to Sahara, Sumedha, Mohiuddin and look forward to celebrating more of such accolades that our students bring to our institution.


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”
– Albert Einstein
On the 27th and 28th of October,2023, students from grade 10 competed in Hyderabad’s first -in-person Hackathon Coding Competition, conducted at the ‘Chirec International School, Kondapur’, on the topic ‘Societal Impact’.
The event sought to bring together computer programmers and students who want to create new software programmes to address problems, construct working prototypes and software applications while encouraging creativity, teamwork and problem solving. R.Karthik Datta of 10C, M.Puneeth of 10B & T.Shri Niketan Rao of 10D clinched the second place, earning Rs3000 as cash and making the school proud.
Congratulations to the winners!


Students of class 11 participated in the Inter-School event ‘COMMERCENTIC’, conducted by DRS International, on the 4th November 23, related to commerce and entrepreneurship.
Kudos to Team App Challenge who stood 2nd in the competition. Developed by Vibhi, Anas and Silvia, App “PetXperts” aids pet owners with pet sitting, pet grooming and pet health. Team Brand Race shortlisted in Slot 1 developed a brand “DEFINE” which recycles old clothes, rents out and sells fashionable clothes and scaled up to Slot 2.


IIT Hyderabad has organized ‘Future Inventors Fair 2023 on the 13th April 2023. Winning teams attended a valedictory ceremony on the 14th April 2023 , Friday at the IIT Hyderabad campus. That day is the foundation day of IIT Hyderabad.
IIT Hyderabad invited two entries per school. The Hyderabad Public School Ramanthapur had sent two entries , out of which Calamity Control Droid was shortlisted to participate in Inter school competition at IIT Hyderabad on the 13th April.
Calamity Control Droid was made by three students of Class 10A. Boorugu Suraj Guptha , Yenamula Lalith Karthikeya and Rishik R innovated the Droid which is a robot that can sense fire , smoke and can move to the area of danger , spray water and bring the disaster to an end. The lithium batteries in the droid are connected to solar panels which get charged not just by solar energy but also by led lights. The way forward that students are planning is that once the disaster is controlled , an alert reaches the mobile of the owner.
This Droid stood third in the fair. IIT Hyderabad promised to take the innovation forward with the technical prowess of their institute. HPSR is looking forward to work with IIT Hyderabad.


5 students of HPSR registered and attended the online training sessions for the sustainability accelerator program announced by CBSE. Neeharika Nagulapally of 8D completed all the missions and her idea of sustainable development and was shortlisted as one of the best 20 ideas across the country. She was offered an internship at Aditya Birla Retail and Fashion at Bangalore.
This is an excerpt of her experience in her own words.
“We commenced our sustainability accelerator program at the 1M1B office, engaging in team activities and orientation, where I joined the Skill and Education group. Days were filled with challenges, including social media tasks and village visits. At S Kurupatti and Sollepuram, we delved into the local culture, addressing education and skill development challenges. The 1M1B Career Readiness Center left a profound impact, offering free training to rural students. Visits to the ABFRL factory showcased innovative initiatives and sustainable practices. The final presentation at the corporate office introduced “Girl Growth Gram Growth,” emphasizing vocational training for rural women. Feedback was positive, and the Chief Sustainability Officer applauded our efforts. The journey concluded with gratitude, lessons in teamwork, and a sense of fulfillment from this transformative internship experience.”

Alekhya’s Acheivement

The First YAI NORTH EAST REGATTA -2023 was conducted by the Umiam Sailing Club, Shillong in association with 420 class association of India under the aegis of Yachting Association of India from 28 Apr to 02 May 2023
Alekhya Coondoo (Helm) a student of HPS Ramanthapur & her partner Pilli Akhil (Crew) both from Telangana representing the Secunderabad Sailing Club stood first in the 420 Class (mixed) category in both the Youth (under 19) and Open. It was contested by the top sailors in the country. The Gold Medal carried a cash prize of Rupees One Lakh and an opportunity to be sponsored for the “ASAF Enoshima Olympic Week” in Japan.

The team received their Medals from the Skipper of INSV Tarini Lt Commander Vartika Joshi who completed a historic, record-setting circumnavigation of the globe by sea.

Chief Minister Shri Conrad Sangma attended the event and interacted with the Sailors motivating and encouraging them to excel in Sports.

Devashvith: HPS’s Shining Cricket Star

Hyderabad: At the tender age of Grade 8, Allam Devashvith of The Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthapur is not just another school-going kid; he’s fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the cricketing world. Representing the U-14 Telangana Cricket Team, Devashvith is a rising cricket sensation and his laurels are a testament to his talent.

The charm of the “Gentleman’s game” has always captivated Devashvith. It was evident from the early days of his passion for cricket that he was destined for bigger platforms. His dedication and skill didn’t go unnoticed as he was chosen to be a ‘Ball Boy’ for the high-voltage 2019 IPL match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings. Further emphasizing his prominence in the cricket community, he was again chosen for the same role in the thrilling India Vs New Zealand match in 2023 at the Uppal Stadium.

Devashvith’s journey is not just about individual accolades. As a team player, he was pivotal in his squad’s outstanding performance that saw them clinch the second position in the South Zone Krishnamurthy Trophy U-14 Match. This prestigious tournament, organized in Kerala from January 23rd to February 11th, saw teams from all over the South Zone vying for the top spot.

The Hyderabad Public School is no stranger to nurturing talent, with its expansive grounds and state-of-the-art cricket turf serving as the cradle for many budding sports enthusiasts. “Our facilities are designed to provide students with the best possible training ground, helping them hone their skills and reach their full potential,” stated Dr. Narasimha Reddy, the Principal. He didn’t miss praising Devashvith’s achievements, “We’re extremely proud of Devashvith. His accomplishments are just the beginning, and we’re certain that the future holds even greater success for him.”

With such commendable achievements at a young age, Allam Devashvith is undoubtedly a name to watch out for in the world of cricket .